Personal Information

Avukat Mehmet İstanbullu


He was born in Antakya in 1964.

He graduated from Ankara University Law Faculty in the year 1985.

In 2011, he completed master`s degree in Public Law in KU Social Sciences Institute.

Before advocacy, he was assigned as;
Judge in Erzurum Narman in 1989-1991;
Judge in Sanliurfa Bozova in 1991-1995;
Elmali High Criminal Court and Justice Committee Chairman in 1995-1998;
Kastamonu High Criminal Court and Justice Committee Chairman in 1998-2001;
Supreme Court public prosecutor in 2001-2013.

He has been a lawyer since 25.03.2013 when he retired.




  • Trust, quality, success, discipline, integrity and continuity are the essential principles.
  • The purpose is to give solution-focused active service.
  • Commercial, financial, legal, familial and personal secrets of the clients are kept confidential within the rules of ethic.
  • The purpose is to use professional knowledge and experience for contribution to the client.


  • English
  • Arabic



  • Supreme Court Proceeding Master`s Thesis
  • Antalya International Symposium
  • Training of Trainers AUPTC
  • CEARC English Training
  • SCC, TCL Practice Seminar No. 5237
  • Ju. Ac. TCL Practice Seminar No. 5237
  • Parliamentary Justice Commission studies
  • Afyon, Ankara, Antalya, Samsun, Zonguldak and many more Symposiums, Meetings and Seminars
  • Judicial-Administrative Judicial Interview Techniques, Distance Learning Seminar Report