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Istanbullu Law firm, founded in 2013 by serious criminal lawyer Mehmet Istanbullu, provides consultancy and advocacy services in legal processes to people who are in search of rights.

Istanbul Law firm, which advocates an accessible and egalitarian justice system, defends people who are tried before criminal courts, especially the high criminal court, and seeks the rights of victims.

Carrying out a legal struggle process respecting human rights with a staff of lawyers who have expertise in severe penal and criminal procedural law, Istanbullu Hukuk has adopted it as its mission to act according to contemporary legal principles.

The competent lawyer staff of Istanbullu Hukuk, who handles cases in the field of administrative law as well as serious criminal law, works with great effort to use their professional experience and experience in favor of their clients.

Continuing its activities in the light of the principles of honesty, discipline, trust and equality, Istanbullu Law firm conducts the entire process in the most transparent way by constantly communicating with its clients.

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